B12 Chiapudding med kaneläpplen och tahini

Black Friday sale 2021

We’re doing Black Friday a little differently this year. We’re Kissing the Ground.

This Black Friday, you will get 15% off all supplements purchased between 26th – 29th November. *

This year we’re also proudly supporting Kiss the Ground - a non-profit on a mission to awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration and inspire participation in this movement by educating and engaging through media, communications, workshops, courses, immersive programming, and advocacy.**

Why are we supporting Kiss the Ground?

We always strive towards using the purest ingredients to create high-quality, natural, and clean food supplements and believe in complete transparency.

We therefore always test every batch of Puori products for what they contain and most importantly, what they do not contain such as heavy metals, pesticides, toxins, and other undesirable substances, testing for purity and efficacy through a third-party laboratory and publish the results online.

However, it all starts with clean soil we use for our ingredients to grow in.

Join us in supporting cleaner soil this Black Friday.

"We are excited and grateful that Puori share our passion for regenerative agriculture, and with their generous support we will be able to continue to awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration."

- Ryland Engelhart, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Kiss the Ground

Kiss the Ground Netflix documentary trailer

Kiss the Ground has spread the word through creative collaborations that have resulted in an eponymous book, and a critically acclaimed documentary released on Netflix in September 2020. Watch the trailer:


So join us in our fight for clean this Black Friday by shopping for your favourite Puori supplements with 15% off and we will proudly support Kiss the Ground.

Shop Black Friday with 15% off

Coming Clean Project Podcast with Kiss the Ground

Listen to the latest Coming Clean Project Podcast where Puori talks to Ryland Engelhart, founder of Kiss the Ground, about soil health and how it is the key to reversing climate change. Better soil = cleaner environment.


* Discounts during our Black Friday event between 26th – 29th November 2021 are on single sales only and quantity limitations may apply. ** 501(c)(3) non-profit